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Healthcare 411 is AHRQ’s main Web site to find audio and video consumer information based on AHRQ research.  The site contains all of AHRQ’s English- and Spanish-language audio news podcasts, which usually link to AHRQ consumer or technical publications.  There also are English- and Spanish-language audio and video public service announcements, some longer form audio and video, and advice columns that provide practical health care information to help consumers navigate the health care system and make informed decisions about their health.

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Healthcare 411 gives consumers information they can use to help them make informed health care decisions for themselves and family members.


AHRQ shares audio and video consumer information in several forms through its Healthcare 411 Web site.  These include 60-second audio news podcasts; 30- and 60-second audio and video public service announcements; video and print advice columns; and a few longer-form video for consumers.  The Web site has both English- and Spanish-language sections.


Healthcare 411 stories offer helpful information about findings from AHRQ-sponsored research to a broad audience of consumers, employers, health care providers, researchers, educators, and others.

Settings of Care

Healthcare 411 programs can be used in a variety of settings including ones about preparing for a doctor’s visit; being discharged from the hospital; questions to ask before surgery; using blood thinners; quitting smoking; taking medication safely; and the importance of regular visits to a doctor.


Many of the English-language podcasts feature sound bites from AHRQ’s Director Dr. Carolyn M. Clancy.  She also is the author of a series of video and text advice columns called “Navigating the Health Care System.”

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