Slide 5. Key Features of MONAHRQ

MONAHRQ: A Web-Based Tool for Quality and Utilization Reporting

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Each feature is paired with a picture or symbolic graphic; the features flow from upper left to right, downward and back toward center of page; last feature points toward use of results, which will be described after the five key features. The five features are:

  1. Currently based on hospital discharge data (picture of files).
  2. Host user downloads MONAHRQ software from AHRQ Web site (picture of a person at a computer).
  3. Host user applies software to own data locally (picture of Web page).
  4. Host user creates local Web site on their own server (picture of computers).
  5. Host user makes Web site available (MONAHRQ logo):
    • Internally to better understand own data and to answer questions.
    • To member organizations, e.g., through a password-protected site.
    • Publicly to provide information to the community.


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