Slide 13. Methods: Meta-Analysis

The Asthma Care Return-on-Investment Calculator

Slide presentation describes the Asthma Care Return-on-Investment Calculator.
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  • Observations: Each study outcome (child/adult, hospital/etc.) = 1
  • Dependent variable: Percent change in measure
  • Explanatory variables/indicators:
    • Type of measure (e.g., hospital, ED, productivity)
    • Age group (children, adults, both)
    • Whether most patients in the study were Medicaid/SCHIP
    • Study patients' asthma severity (persistent, intermittent, or all)
    • Study design used (randomized, all controlled, uncontrolled)
    • If intervention primarily focused on physicians (not patients)
    • Whether outcome measured after 2 years
    • Sample size and sample size squared
  • Regressions: Weighted linear, clustered SE
  • Impact: Percent change predicted from coefficients


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