Slide 38. Summary of Steps in the Asthma ROI Calculator

The Asthma Care Return-on-Investment Calculator

Slide presentation describes the Asthma Care Return-on-Investment Calculator.

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Determine target population and studies to use in calculation (Required Info).

Target most expensive patients!

Use controlled study results to achieve most realistic results!

  1. Estimate population.
  2. Estimate number of participants.
  3. Estimate baseline costs and utilization.
  4. Estimate impact of asthma program.
  5. Estimate program cost.

Tips on using your own data:

  • Ideally, find data from a single source.
  • If not feasible, be sure that the underlying populations that generated the data are similar:
    • Use claims data to obtain number of eligible asthma patients and their baseline utilization and costs.
    • Find evidence from studies of a similar population.

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