Slide 4. How the Calculator Works

The Asthma Care Return-on-Investment Calculator

Slide presentation describes the Asthma Care Return-on-Investment Calculator.
Text Description is below the image.

This slide contains graphics indicating the following:

  • Baseline utilization: 100,000 participants who average 0.25 ED visits per year lead to 25,000 annual visits to ED.
  • Evidence: Asthma program (could use pilot) with a reduction of 50 percent leads to 12,500 visits to ED saved per year.
  • Assign costs to utilization changes: At $300 per ED visit leads to $3,750,000 saved.

The bottom of the slide contains a box with the following text:

  • Repeat for each service and productivity component.
  • Compare change in medical care expenditures with program cost.


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