Slide 14. Reports Do Not Equal Better Health Care

2009 State Snapshots

Slide presentation describes the 2009 State Snapshots.

Text Description is below the image.

This slide illustrates the application of AHRQ's NHQR and NHDR (QRDR) reports. The visual representation starts with an image of the 2009 National Healthcare Quality Report followed by an arrow with the text "How?" pointing toward two images of physicians caring for patients.

Below the visual representation is a large arrow containing four rows of text all leading to "Better Health Care." From left to right, the top row depicts an equation: QRDR plus Local Input equals QI. The next row has Know under QRDR, Plan under Local Input, and Do under QI. The next row has Policymakers under QRDR. Under Local Input are State and local leaders, champions, stakeholders. Under QI are Point-of-care providers and consumers.


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