Slide 17. State Snapshots Performance Meters

2009 State Snapshots

Slide presentation describes the 2009 State Snapshots.

Text Description is below the image.

  • Summarize related State-level measures
  • With a statistical comparison—State estimates to all-State or regional estimates
  • Performance meter score method:
    • Denominator: Total number of measures included
    • Numerator: Number of measures that State is performing better + ½ times the number of measures that the State is performing similarly
  • Example:
    • Out of 60 measures: 30 are better, 20 are equal, and 10 are worse than the comparison group
    • Meter score would be: 67 = 100*(30 + ½*20)/60 = 100*40/60
  • Range of values (0 � 100):
    • Very weak (0-19), Weak (20-39), Average (40-59), Strong (60-79), Very Strong (80-100)

This slide contains an image of a meter gauging cancer performance measures. The meter is a semicircle segmented into five portions for very weak, weak, average, strong, and very strong. A solid arrow and a dotted arrow are in the "strong" segment.


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