Slide 23. State Dashboard

2009 State Snapshots

Slide presentation describes the 2009 State Snapshots.

Text Description is below the image.

This slide is a screenshot of the 2009 State Snapshots page for North Dakota, Dashboard on Health Care Quality Compared to All States. Beneath the heading is a meter, which is a semicircle segmented into five portions for very weak, weak, average, strong, and very strong. An arrow denoting the most recent data year is in the "Average" segment and an arrow denoting the "Baseline Year" is in between "Average" and "Strong." The screenshot also has a bar graph showing how the State did in measures of preventive care, acute care, and chronic care. For North Dakota, preventive care and chronic care are average and acute care is strong. In addition, the screenshot shows a link to text discussing how State performance is scored.


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