Portfolios of Research

Comparative Effectiveness

Improve health care quality by providing patients and physicians with state-of-the-science information on which medical treatments work best for a given condition.

Cross-Agency Communications

Promotes the mission of AHRQ across the Agency and through various media channels, publications, and products.

Health Information Technology

Develop and disseminate evidence and evidence-based tools to inform policy and practice on how health IT can improve the quality of American health care.

Innovations & Emerging Issues

This portfolio aims to identify and support research that has the potential to lead to significant advances in health care.

Patient Safety

Prevent, mitigate, and decrease the number of medical errors, patient safety risks and hazards, and quality gaps associated with health care and their harmful impact on patients.

Prevention & Care Management

Improving the quality, safety, efficiency, and effectiveness of the delivery of evidence-based preventive services and chronic care management in ambulatory care settings.


Value research focuses on finding a way to achieve greater value in health care – reducing unnecessary costs and waste while maintaining or improving quality.

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