Study Section Research Foci

Descriptions of the peer review study section research foci.
Healthcare Systems & Value Research (HSVR)Healthcare Information Technology Research (HITR)Healthcare Effectiveness and Outcomes Research (HEOR)Healthcare Safety and Quality Improvement Research (HSQR)Healthcare Research Training (HCRT)
Development of Measures/Data/ Tools/Strategies for Reducing Healthcare Costs/Improving Quality of Care within Organization and/or Systems of CaresIdentify Challenges to Health Information Technology (HIT) Adoption and UseOrganization and Functioning of the Healthcare Delivery and Access to improve Healthcare EffectivenessIdentify Risks/Hazards that Lead to Medical Errors and Find Ways to Prevent Medical Errors – Improve Patient SafetyHealth Services Research Training & Career Development
Implementation & Innovation ResearchImplementation & Innovation ResearchPatient-Center/Consumer-Focused Healthcare EffectivenessResearch on Scopes/Impacts of Medical Errors on Costs/Qualities & Efficiencies/Effectiveness of CaresInstitutional Training & Career Development
Access and UtilizationTechnology/Health Information Technology (Health IT) AssessmentQualitative & Quantitative Methods

Examine/Improve Medical Liability

Advances in Patient Safety through Simulation Research

Healthcare-associated Infection
Training-related Conferences/Workshops
Cost/Finance/MarketsInformation Sciences; DisseminationEvidence-based MedicineQualitative & Quantitative MethodsDemonstrations & Evaluations
Qualitative & Quantitative MethodsQualitative & Quantitative MethodsInnovation Research

Evidence-based Medicine

Quality Improvement Research

Delivery Systems

System Focused CER

Clinical/Translational DecisionmakingAccess to & Utilization of CareDissemination/Translation Research Findings and Methods to Reduce Medical Errors; Quality Improvement 
Organizational StudiesPatient Utilities, Morbidity & FunctionClinical Outcome ResearchSystem-Level Delivery of Care 
Infrastructure Building ResearchOutcome ResearchHealth Care Decisions for Providers/Purchasers, and PolicymakersEnvironment/Culture – Level Delivery of Care 
Provider WorkforceUses of HIT for Healthcare Quality & Cost ImprovementInnovation & Emergent Issues ResearchInnovation & Emergent Issues Research 
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