Seeing the forest (Population Health) from the trees (EHR) (Text Version)

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Slide 1. Seeing the forest (Population Health) from the trees (EHR)

Seeing the forest (Population Health) from the trees (EHR)

Terry McGeeney, MD, MBA


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Slide 2. Electronic Health Record

Electronic Health Record

  • Current Electronic Health Record offerings do not adequately meet the needs of primary care practices in managing a population of patients
  • Self-populating registries are an absolute requirement
  • Point of care reminders provide a significant advantage
  • Interoperability is critical for care coordination and care collaboration


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Slide 3. Population Health

Population Health

  • Should be more accurately considered proactive population management
  • Must apply to all patients in a practice "population", not pre-designated subsets such as those with certain diseases
  • Population management must focus on wellness and illness


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Slide 4. Beyond Technology

Beyond technology

  • Team Care
  • Care coordination, collaboration and transitions
  • Education and engagement of patients and providers
  • Access to care and information at multiple levels of the system in a timely manner


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Slide 5. Thank You!

Thank You !

  • Terry McGeeney, MD, MBA
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