Meta-Analyst Software (Text Version)

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Meta-Analyst Software

Byron Wallace, Thomas Trikalinos, Joseph Lau and Christopher H Schmid


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  • Meta-Analyst and Meta-Test
    • Freely distributed
    • Widely used
    • DOS
    • Primitive GUI
  • C routines for Bayesian and maximum likelihood analyses
    • No user interface
    • No graphics


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Objectives for New Software

  • Enable non-statistical users to implements sophisticated methods
  • Friendly user interface with no need for programming
  • Comparative and diagnostic test accuracy methods
  • Bayesian methods with "automated" diagnostics
  • Context-sensitive help
  • Presentation quality graphics and output
  • Customizable graphics
  • Free


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  • Direct interface with R/BUGS
    • Enable rapid development of new methods
  • More support for data input/management/transformation
    • Minimize programming/computation
  • Tie to data extraction/database storage software
  • Open source
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