Track B: Ensuring That Each Person and Family Are Engaged as Partners

AHRQ 2011 Annual Conference

Slide presentation from the AHRQ 2011 conference.

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Innovative Initiatives in Intellectual and Developmental Medicine (Session 109)

Innovative Initiatives in Intellectual & Developmental Medicine (PowerPoint® File, 2.3 MB; Web Version)
Caryl Heaton

Strategies to Put Patients at the Center of Primary Care: Partnering for Health (Session 72)

SHARP Partnering with Patients (PowerPoint® File, 4.8 MB; Web Version)
Samer Assaf and Ross Adams

Linking Practice and Community Through a Focus on Capability (PowerPoint® File, 13.4 MB; Web Version)
Robert Lewis Ferrer

Registries for Evaluating Patient Outcomes (Session 13)

Registries for Evaluating Patient Outcomes (PowerPoint® File, 750 KB; Web Version)
Elise Berliner

Developing the Registry of Patient Registries (PowerPoint® File, 1.5 MB; Web Version)
Dan Levy

Beyond the Patient—Protection of Registry Data from Litigation and other Confidentiality Concerns For Providers, Manufacturers, and Health Plans (PowerPoint® File, 380 KB; Web Version)
Jane Hyatt Thorpe

Registries for Evaluating Patient Outcomes: A User's Guide Third Edition (PowerPoint® File, 160 KB; Web Version)
Rich Gliklich

Advancing Public Reporting on Quality: Meeting Consumers Where They Are (Session 61)

AHRQ's Chartered Value Exchanges: An Overview (PowerPoint® File, 1.6 MB; Web Version)
Jan De La Mare

Context-Based Strategies for Engaging Consumers in Using Public Reports (PowerPoint® File, 1.5 MB; Web Version)
Dale Shaller

The Context for Our Use of Public Reporting (PowerPoint® File, 1.1 MB; Web Version)
Jessie Gruman

Rewarding Positive Patient Experiences: Incorporating CAHPS in Pay for Performance Strategies (Session 66)

Issues in the Design and Implementation of Pay-for-Performance Programs (PowerPoint® File, 440 KB; Web Version)
Gary Young

Patient-Centered Care and Health IT (Session 98)

Patient Reports About Health IT (PowerPoint® File, 480 KB; Web Version)
Keith McInnes

Performance of CAHPS® Health IT Items (PowerPoint® File, 635 KB; Web Version)
Risa Hays

An Artist's Perspective (PowerPoint® File, 4.6 MB; Web Version)
Regina Holliday

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