60-Second Presentations (Audio/Video item)

60-Second Presentations at the 2011 AHRQ Annual Conference

The 60-second videos featured here cover topics such as audio computer-assisted interviews, high-risk statin utilization, and delivering patient-centered care to complex patients. The presenters, members of the AHRQ Multiple Chronic Conditions (MCC) Research Network, recorded these brief presentations at the 2011 AHRQ Annual Conference during a session hosted by AHRQ’s Prevention and Chronic Care Program, which has funded a series of grants that make up the network.

The MCC Network includes 47 grants and a Learning Network and Technical Assistance Center. Collectively, the AHRQ MCC Research Network works to advance the field of MCC research, provide needed guidance for clinicians and patients, and advise policy makers about improved methods to measure and promote quality care for complex patients.

60 Second lecture: William E.Trick, M.D. (Flash video, 2 min, 7 sec.; Plugin Software Help)

60 Second lecture: John Brooks, Ph.D. (Flash video, 3 min, 47 sec. MB; Plugin Software Help)

60 Second lecture: Elizabeth A. Bayliss, M.D., MSPH (Flash video, 1 min, 51 sec.; Plugin Software Help)

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