Events & Announcements

Announcements and upcoming events at the Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality (AHRQ).

Conference and Meeting Presentations

National Advisory Council 

Select for Meeting Summaries, transcripts, videos, and presentation slides from AHRQ's National Advisory Council meetings.

AHRQ Annual Conferences

Date Event
09/9-11/2012 AHRQ 2012 Annual Conference
09/18-21/2011 AHRQ 2011 Annual Conference
09/26-29/2010 AHRQ 2010 Annual Conference (Archived)
09/13-16/2009 AHRQ 2009 Annual Conference (Archived)
09/7-10/2008 AHRQ 2008 Annual Conference (Archived)
09/26-28/2007 AHRQ 2007 Annual Conference (Archived)



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