NAC 2011 April - Lee

On April 8, 2011, Dr. Peter Lee made this presentation at the meeting of the National Advisory Council.


  1. National Strategy for Quality Improvement in Health Care
  2. Table Of Contents
  3. Background
  4. The National Quality Strategy (NQS) builds on a set of core principles that emphasize national support for local strategies and can guide and hold accountable the actions of stakeholders
  5. Table Of Contents
  6. The framework consists of three aims, in addition to being guided by a set of core principles, that frame the underlying priorities and goals
  7. These three pillars form the underlying framework of the Strategy
  8. The Strategy adopts six priorities, that are based on broad community input and engagement, research, and best practices
  9. Priority #1
  10. Priority #2
  11. Priority #3
  12. Priority #4
  13. Priority #5
  14. Priority #6
  15. The 10 principles guiding the National Quality Strategy are reflected not only in the framework, but in how goals, targets, and plans are developed
  16. Principles continued
  17. Principles continued
  18. Table Of Contents
  19. The HHS Quality Work Group (QWG) facilitated the development of the NQS and will continue to play a key role during implementation
  20. The HHS Quality Work Group will meet regularly throughout the implementation process and will focus on four main goals
  21. The Interagency Working Group was established to ensure alignment and coordination of quality efforts
  22. The IWG will meet three times during the implementation process and will focus on six main goals
Current as of August 2011
Internet Citation: NAC 2011 April - Lee. August 2011. Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality, Rockville, MD.