Web M&M Explores Overuse of Care

The current issue of AHRQ Web M&M. features a Spotlight Case about a man hospitalized for a foot amputation who had chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, chronic pain, and long-acting morphine use.

After being given hydromorphone, morphine, and diazepam for post-operative pain and severe muscle spasms, the patient became minimally responsive and a code blue was called. In addition to post-operative surgical pain and his chronic pain, he also began having diffuse severe muscle spasms. Over the next 48 hours he was given increasing doses of extended-release morphine, as well as intravenous and oral hydromorphone for breakthrough pain.

The Perspectives section of the issue includes an interview with Rosemary Gibson, M.Sc., author of The Treatment Trap about overuse of medical care, and a commentary by Christopher Moriates, M.D., about the emergence of medical care overuse as a patient safety issue.

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