Getting Safer Care

Consumer health and patient information on health plans and insurance, prescriptions, conditions and diseases, surgery, quality of care, quitting smoking, and prevention and wellness.

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Preventing Errors

5 Steps to Safer Health Care
     (en español: Cinco recomendaciones para recibir una mejor atención médica)
20 Tips to Help Prevent Medical Errors
     (en español: Veinte consejos para ayudar a evitar errores médicos)
Don't Let Medicines Cause Harm
Health IT Tools Help with Care and Costs
Hospital Advisory Councils Get Patients' View on Safer Health Care
New Processes Can Help Hospitals Spot—and Stop—Drug Errors
Safety Culture Creates Better Care for Patients
Simple Steps Can Reduce Health Care-Associated Infections
Tips for Taking Medicines Safely
Where Medical Errors Occur and Steps You Can Take to Avoid Them
Your Medicine: Be Smart. Be Safe.
     (en español: Su medicamento: Infórmese. Evite riesgos.)
Care Transitions - What You Need to Know (Podcast Download; Transcript)
Getting Medical Tests: Ask Questions! (Podcast Download; Transcript)
Hospital Stays: Reducing Your Risks (Podcast Download; Transcript)
Play it Safe with Children and Medicine (Podcast Download; Transcript)
Tips To Prevent Medical Errors (Podcast Download; Transcript)

Medication Safety: Know Your Medication (00:30, Flash, 3.4 MB (Transcript)
Asking Questions to Get the Care You Need (2:33, 32 MB; Download Flash® Player )
Asking Questions About Medical Tests (2:08, 26 MB; Download Flash® Player )

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Getting Quality Care

Be More Involved in Your Health Care: Tips for Patients
     (en español: Participe más en su atención médica: Consejos para pacientes)
Becoming an Involved Health Care Consumer
Big Strides, Not Small Steps, Needed to Boost Health Care Quality
Blood Thinner Pills: Using Them Safely
     (en español: Pastillas que diluyen la sangre)
Build Your Question List (Interactive)
Busting Myths About Health Care Quality
Explore Your Treatment Options
Getting Involved for Better Health Care: Interview with Carolyn M. Clancy, M.D.
Health Care Quality: Take A Closer Look
Health Care Quality: Take A Closer Look
Hospital Compare (Web Site)
How To Complain—And Get Heard
New Initiative Urges Better Communication between Clinicians and Patients
Quick Tips—When Getting Medical Tests
Quick Tips—When Talking With Your Doctor
Recognizing High-Quality Health Care
Resources to Help You Be a Better Caregiver
Taking Care of Myself: A Guide for When I Leave the Hospital
Your Guide to Preventing and Treating Blood Clots
Avoiding 'Never Events' (Podcast Download; Transcript)
Comparing Hospitals to Get Quality Care (Podcast Download; Transcript)
Health Care Quality—Know It When You See It (Podcast Download; Transcript)
How to Ensure High Quality Health Care (Podcast Download; Transcript)
Understanding Health Care Quality (Podcast Download; Transcript)

Questions Are the Answer (Web Site With Videos)
Healthy Men (Web Site With Videos)
     (en español: Conozca las preguntas)
Staying Active and Healthy with Blood Thinners (Video: 10:26, 17.6 MB) (Transcript)

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Using Hospitals & Clinics

10 Patient Safety Tips for Hospitals
Hospital Advisory Councils Get Patients' View on Safer Health Care
Better Information Helps Patients When They Leave the Hospital
Do Your Homework Before You Choose A Hospital
Does Your Hospital Do A Good Job?
Hospital Compare (Web Site)
How to Make an Emergency Department Visit a Safe One
How To Use Hospital Emergency Rooms Wisely
One Step Forward on Quality Improvement, One Step Back on Access
Revealing Medical Errors Helps Chicago Hospitals Build a Safer Health System
Taking Care of Myself: A Guide for When I Leave the Hospital
Your Experience in the Hospital and Why it Matters
Hospital Stays: Reducing Your Risks (Podcast Download; Transcript)
Navigating Urgent or Emergency Care (Podcast Download; Transcript)

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