Child Health Extramural Research by State and Country

Principal Investigator: Mingle, Daniel
Title: Improving HIT Implementation in a Rural Health System*
Institution: Maine General Medical Center, Augusta, ME
Project Dates: 09/30/04-08/31/07
Project No.: UC1 HS015337
Summary: In 2000, a pilot project for an outpatient electronic medical record (EMR) for a range of provider settings in Central Maine was tested. This study will:

  1. Complete the primary implementation of the EMR.
  2. Improve the structure and usage in implemented practices for disease and preventive management—chronic illnesses, diabetes, depression, asthma, pediatric behavioral disease, and pain management.
  3. Put an EMR into service in one new practice per quarter.
  4. Collect data about patient safety, quality, access, cost, and productivity.

This project will include children, women and the elderly populations.

*Project includes children or children's health care issues but does not focus exclusively on children.

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Current as of March 2009
Internet Citation: Maine: Child Health Extramural Research by State and Country. March 2009. Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality, Rockville, MD.