Child Health Extramural Research by State and Country

Principal Investigator: Ahrens, Kym
Title: Is the Presence of a Mentor During Adolescence Associated with Improved Adult Outcomes in Special Populations of High-Risk Youth?
Institution: University of Washington, Seattle, WA
E-mail: kahrens@u.washington.edu
Project Dates: 06/05/06-01/31/07
Project No.: HHSP233200600468P
Summary: This study will use the National Longitudinal Study of Adolescent Health to investigate whether there are certain populations of high-risk adolescents for which mentoring relationships may prove particularly beneficial during early adulthood. The study will focus on four domains of adolescent and young adult well-being: (1) education/employment; (2) psychological well-being; (3) physical health; and (4) selected problem behaviors. The high-risk populations include: adolescents in foster care, pregnant and parenting youths, juvenile offenders, academically at-risk youths, and youths with disabilities.

Principal Investigator: Baydar, Nazil
Title: Dynamics of Family Disadvantage and Childhood Asthma
Institution: University of Washington, Seattle, WA
E-mail: nbaydar@u.washington.edu
Project Dates: 09/30/01-08/31/04
Project No.: R01 HS13110
Summary: The aim of this project is to extend previous research to investigate the impact of having a child with asthma and the burden this condition causes on the family's resources (e.g., economic resources, the parents' time and availability for care, access and barriers to health care).

Principal Investigator: Christakis, Dimitri A.
Title: Parent-Initiated Prevention Program
Institution: University of Washington, Seattle, WA
E-mail: dachris@u.washington.edu
Project Dates: 09/30/02-09/29/06
Project No.: R01 HS13302
Summary: This randomized controlled trial will test a computer-driven, patient-centered expert system to improve the receipt of evidence-based prevention for pediatric patients. The study will assess the effectiveness of a real-time Parent-Initiated Prevention Program in changing physicians' delivery of preventive care as well as parental preventive behaviors.

Principal Investigator: Connell, Frederick
Title: Managed Care and Quality: Children With Chronic Conditions
Institution: University of Washington, Seattle, WA
E-mail: fredc@u.washington.edu
Project Dates: 07/01/99-06/30/02
Project No.: R01 HS09948
Summary: This study will examine how the structural characteristics, incentives, and quality assurance efforts of managed care organizations affect quality of care among children with one of four conditions: asthma, diabetes mellitus, low birthweight, and cerebral palsy. Includes children, but is not entirely child-focused.

Principal Investigator: Connell, Frederick
Title: Medical Management of Children With Chronic Conditions
Institution: University of Washington, Seattle, WA
E-mail: fredc@u.washington.edu
Project Dates: 10/01/02-09/30/03
Project No.: R03 HS13230
Summary: The aims of this study are to (1) develop an operational definition that can be used with Medicaid claims data to identify a child's medical home, and (2) examine the relationships between demographic factors and disease severity associated with having a medical home. The four chronic conditions to be investigated are asthma, diabetes, cerebral palsy and low-birth weight.

Principal Investigator: Davis, Robert L.
Title: Pediatric EBM—Getting Evidence Used at the Point of Care
Institution: University of Washington, Seattle, WA
E-mail: rdavis@u.washington.edu
Project Dates: 09/01/00-08/28/03
Project No.: R01 HS10516
Summary: This study will examine whether the provision of evidence at the point of ambulatory pediatric care will improve antibiotic use in specific pediatric disorders, reduce duration of therapy for acute sinusitis, reduce use of bronchodilators in treatment of bronchiolitis, and increase the use of intranasal steroids for allergic rhinitis.

Principal Investigator: Devine, Emily
Title: Evaluating e-Prescribing in a Community-based, Integrated Health System*
Institution: University of Washington, Seattle, WA
E-mail: bdevine@u.washington.edu
Project Dates: 08/01/06-07/31/11
Project No.: K08 HS14739
Summary: This Mentored Clinical Scientist Development Award will be used to conduct an impact evaluation of the implementation of medication safety clinical decision support (CDS) alerts on medication errors and adverse drug events (ADEs) associated with generic and therapeutic drug duplications, appropriate drug-laboratory monitoring, appropriate prescribing in patients, drug-drug interactions, and appropriate prescribing in pregnancy. Using a longitudinal study design, this project will determine the incidence of serious medication errors and ADEs prior to, and after implementing CDS alerts in these specific categories. The representation of children should closely approximate that of the pediatric population cared for at pediatric clinics included in the work. This study will include racial and ethnic minority populations.

Principal Investigator: Ensign, B. Josephine
Title: Measuring Quality of Care for Homeless Adolescents
Institution: University of Washington, Seattle, WA
E-mail: bjensign@u.washington.edu
Project Dates: 07/06/01-06/30/05
Project No.: K08 HS11414
Summary: The aim of this Mentored Clinical Scientist Development Award is to conduct research using a mixed-method study, including interviews, focus groups and a pilot test, to document the factors necessary for monitoring access and quality of primary health care for homeless youth.

Principal Investigator: Fishman, Paul
Title: Assessing Medical Need Among Children in Managed Care
Institution: Group Health Cooperative, Seattle, WA
E-mail: fishman.p@ghc.org
Project Dates: 05/01/01-10/31/03
Project No.: R01 HS11314
Summary: The aims of this project are to (1) determine whether risk assessment models are sensitive enough to identify expected healthcare cost and utilization for children in managed health care plans; (2) evaluate if there exist financial disincentives for health plans to enroll children and families with children; and (3) assess how additional health status information improves the predictive performance or risk assessment instruments.

Principal Investigator: Grembowski, David
Title: Physician Networks and Children With Chronic Conditions
Institution: University of Washington, Seattle, WA
E-mail: grem@u.washington.edu
Project Dates: 09/30/02-03/31/04
Project No.: R01 HS13147
Summary: This study will examine whether out-of-network benefits and cost-sharing of managed health plans are associated with the likelihood of seeing an in-network versus out-of-network physician, and whether health care quality and expenditures are similar or different for children seeing in- versus out-of-network physicians.

Principal Investigator: Grossman, David C.
Title: High Risk Periods for Child Injury Among Siblings
Institution: University of Washington, Seattle, WA
E-mail: navajo@u.washington.edu
Project Dates: 03/01/00-02/28/01
Project No.: R03 HS10724
Summary: Using data from a large health maintenance organization, the investigators propose a retrospective cohort study to confirm and generalize previous work that suggested a temporal association between family injury events and subsequent, additional childhood injuries. The study will analyze enrollment and medical encounter data for 25,000 children and their families to characterize the association between an initial medically-treated childhood injury and the subsequent short-term risk of additional unintentional childhood injuries among brothers and sisters of the index case. Project results will be used to design an injury prevention program.

Principal Investigator: Joesch, Jutta
Title: Evaluation of Postnatal and Postpartum Care Programs
Institution: Battelle Memorial Institute, Seattle, WA
E-mail: joesch@batelle.org
Project Dates: 03/01/00-11/30/01
Project No.: R01 HS10138
Summary: The goal of this research is to determine the value for compensation for short hospital stays by gaining an understanding of utilization and impact of postdischarge services. The study will be conducted by: (1) investigating new mother's utilization of postdischarge services; and (2) determining the impact of specific postdischarge services on medical care utilization patterns, health status, and breast-feeding.

Principal Investigator: Kieckhefer, Gail
Title: Childhood Chronic Illness: Enhancing Family Capabilities
Institution: Children's Hospital and Regional Medical Center, Seattle, WA
E-mail: gailmk@u.washington.edu
Project Dates: 09/30/03-09/29/07
Project No.: R01 HS013384
Summary: The purpose of this study is to strengthen abilities of parents to manage the complexities of their child's chronic illness by improving their own and ultimately their child's health. Researchers will be testing a parent psycho-educational program for impact on parental self-efficacy to manage their child's chronic illness; ability to involve their child in developmentally appropriate shared management; coping with behavior, emotional health, and perceived family quality of life. A seven-session program (2 hours per week) will be developed and provided to parents of children who have a chronic illness and are between 3 and 11 years of age. The diverse population for this research will include American Indians/Alaska Natives, Asians, Native Hawaiians or other Pacific Islanders, and African-Americans.

Principal Investigator: Lozano, Paula
Title: Using Hand-Held Technology to Reduce Errors in ADHD Care
Institution: University of Washington, Seattle, WA
E-mail: plozano@u.washington.edu
Project Dates: 09/26/01-08/31/04
Project No.: U01 HS10435
Summary: This randomized controlled trial in 3 primary care practices will develop and evaluate a computerized system for laptop use in the examining room as an extension of an existing in-house prescribing system to improve the care of children with attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder.

Principal Investigator: Rivara, Frederick
Title: Conference to Improve Outcomes in Pediatric Trauma Care—2007 (Seattle, WA)
Institution: University of Washington, Seattle, WA
E-mail: fpr@u.washington.edu
Project Dates: 06/01/06-05/31/07
Project No.: R13 HS16431
Summary: This conference will bring together experts and researchers from a variety of fields to develop an agenda for addressing the limitations of prior studies and to provide definitive answers to the national questions on pediatric trauma care. Experts from across the country in a wide variety of specialties will review the current state of knowledge about pediatric trauma care and develop an innovative, collaborative research agenda for improvement. The agenda will be disseminated through a supplement to a peer-reviewed journal, presentations, and websites. "White papers" on the various aspects of key topics will be presented at the meeting. The conference will enable policymakers to better understand the strength of evidence, or lack thereof, for current trauma policy and how research might guide future policy.

Principal Investigator: Sullivan, Sean
Title: Evaluating the Impact of an ACPOE/CDS System on Outcomes*
Institution: University of Washington, Seattle, WA
E-mail: sdsull@u.washington.edu
Project Dates: 09/30/04-09/29/07
Project No.: UC1 HS015319
Summary: This study will (1) implement ambulatory computerized prescriber order entry (CPOE) systems with a built-in clinical decision support system (CDS) in 13 sites of the Everett Clinic, a community-based integrated health system in the north Puget Sound region; and (2) evaluate the impact of the ambulatory CPOE/CDS system on patient safety by characterizing the epidemiology of medication errors pre- and post-implementation, and linking these errors to adverse events. Women, minorities, children, disabled persons, and the elderly will be included in this project.

Principal Investigator: Taylor, James A.
Title: Center for Evaluation and Research in Pediatric Safety
Institution: University of Washington, Seattle, WA
E-mail: uncjat@u.washington.edu
Project Dates: 09/30/01-09/29/04
Project No.: P20 HS11590
Summary: The aim of this project is to establish a DCERPS to develop programs to reduce and prevent medical errors in children in diverse settings (e.g., inpatient and intensive care units, emergency departments, private pediatric practices in rural and urban areas, and primary care centers serving minority populations).

Principal Investigator: Taylor, James A.
Title: The Feasibility of Assessing the Prevalence of Rickets
Institution: University of Washington, Seattle, WA
E-mail: uncjat@u.washington.edu
Project Dates: 05/01/06-10/31/07
Project No.: R03 HS16029
Summary: The Puget Sound Pediatric Research Network (PSPRN) will conduct a preliminary study to determine the feasibility of a larger project to determine the prevalence of rickets in breastfed infants and toddlers not receiving supplemental vitamin D. Minority children will be included in this study.

Principal Investigator: Thompson, Robert
Title: Long-term Healthcare Effects of Domestic Violence*
Institution: Center for Health Studies, Seattle, WA
E-mail: thompson.rs@ghc.org
Project Dates: 07/09/02-04/30/06
Project No.: R01 HS10909
Summary: This study will assess the longitudinal impact of domestic violence on the healthcare utilization, patterns, costs, and social functioning and health status of female and male victims and their children.

*Project includes children or children's health care issues but does not focus exclusively on children.

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Current as of March 2009
Internet Citation: Washington: Child Health Extramural Research by State and Country. March 2009. Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality, Rockville, MD. http://www.ahrq.gov/policymakers/child-state-country/stlist_wa.html