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Nursing Research

Summarizes study findings, including those specific or relevant to nurses and nursing care

Research Activities, December 2012:
The changing role of nurses

Research Activities, November 2012:
Self-monitoring of blood pressure along with nurse counseling leads to greater blood pressure control

Research Activities, September 2012:
Minority-serving hospitals have problems with quality of care and patient satisfaction

Research Activities, June 2012:
Magnet® hospitals offer better work environment for nurses than non-Magnet hospitals

Research Activities, May 2012:
Electronic health records improve nursing care, coordination, and patient safety

Research Activities, March 2012:
ICU nurses show increasing acceptance of electronic health records
Pediatric nurses express differing perspectives on palliative care

Research Activities, January 2012:
California nurse staffing mandate did not reduce nursing workforce skill levels

Research Activities, December 2011:
Pharmacy, medical, and nurse practitioner students need more education on drug-drug interactions

Research Activities, November 2011:
Nurses in hospital units with a higher proportion of short-term patients take longer to respond to patient call lights

Research Activities, August 2011:
Opportunities to pursue bachelor's degrees may be limited for nurses in rural hospitals
Unionized hospital RNs slightly less satisfied with work than nonunionized RNs

Research Activities, July 2011:
Mandated increases in nurse staffing levels unevenly affect uncompensated care growth rates in California hospitals

Research Activities, May 2011:
Nurse survey identifies important but underused end-of-life care skills

Research Activities, April 2011:
Nursing shortage may have adverse impact on public health emergency preparedness

Research Activities, February 2011:
Nurses with higher education levels rate themselves as having more clinical expertise and are sought out for their guidance
Nurse-facilitated guided care for elders and their caregivers leads to improved perceptions of quality of care

Research Activities, January 2011:
Acceptance of "smart" intravenous infusion pumps is growing among nurses, but challenges remain

Current as of April 2013
Internet Citation: Research Findings: Nursing Research. April 2013. Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality, Rockville, MD.