Patient and Family Engagement

The “Patient and Family Engagement” module of the Comprehensive Unit-based Safety Program (CUSP) Toolkit. The CUSP toolkit is a modular approach to patient safety, and modules presented in this toolkit are interconnected and are aimed at improving patient safety.
The Patient and Family Engagement module of the CUSP Toolkit focuses on making sure patients and their family members understand what is happening during the patient's hospital stay, are active participants in the patient's care, and are prepared for discharge.

This module explains the –

  • The role of patient advisors in ensuring patients' and families' views are incorporated into hospital policies and procedures
  • How to work with patient advisors as part of the CUSP team
  • Tools to improve communication among patients, families, and clinicians
  • How to communicate an adverse event to patients and family members

This module includes--

Facilitator Notes (Word) [ - 2.83 MB] (Accessible Version)

Presentation Slides (PPT) [ Microsoft PowerPoint file - 3.88 MB] (Accessible Version)

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