Download the CUSP Toolkit

Download the entire CUSP Toolkit

You can download the entire CUSP Toolkit using the links below. 

These zipped files will require additional software on your computer for local use: go to Plugin Help for assistance.

Files available for download

Essential classroom/training materials

The CUSP Toolkit's components — Facilitator notes (Word® documents), Slides (PowerPoint® files), Videos ( Windows Media® video files), Tools (Word® documents) are saved as compressed ZIP files.

To download the CUSP Toolkit and ensure links work correctly —

  • Create a new, empty folder on your computer.
  • Save each ZIP file in the table below in the new folder.
  • Unzip the files. (Plugin help for ZIP files) Folders for each module will appear that contain all of the module’s components.
File nameFile SizeApproximate download time *
Facilitator Notes (Word® files) for all modules22 MB15 sec.
Slides for all modules24 MB15 sec.
Tools for all modules95 MB30 sec.

Links are provided for each module's full video and video clips (clips demonstrate significant teaching points and are linked from the slides).

Learn About CUSP71 MB30 sec.
Assemble the Team251 MB2 min.,15 sec.

Assemble the Team (4 video clips)

127 MB1 min., 15 sec.
Engage the Senior Executive151 MB1 min., 30 sec.
Engage the Senior Executive (3 video clips)
70 MB30 sec.
Understand the Science of Safety137 MB1 min., 15 sec.

Understand the Science of Safety (6 video clips)

190 MB1 min., 45 sec.
Identify Defects Through Sensemaking200 MB2 min.

Identify Defects Through Sensemaking (7 video clips)

124 MB1 min., 15 sec.
Implement Teamwork & Communication97 MB1 min.
Implement Teamwork & Communication (3 video clips)
71 MB30 sec.
Apply CUSP (3 video clips)344 MB3 min., 30 sec.
The Role of the Nurse Manager241 MB2 min., 15 sec.

The Role of the Nurse Manager (4 video clips)

151 MB1 min., 30 sec.
Spread287 MB2 min., 30 sec.

Spread (3 video clips)

254 MB2 min.,15 sec.
Patient and Family Engagement362 MB3 min., 40 sec.

Patient and Family Engagement (3 video clips)

191 MB1 min., 45 sec.
Current as of December 2012
Internet Citation: Download the CUSP Toolkit. December 2012. Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality, Rockville, MD.