Potential Measures for Clinical Community Relationships

A Supplement to the Clinical-Community Relationships Measures Atlas

Appendix Table A-8. CCRM Atlas Measure 5: Clinician perception of parent interest in referral (Safety Check Practitioner Post-Visit Survey)

Domain:Informed and activated patientElement/
Instrument:Safety Check Practitioner Post-Visit Survey
Purpose:Clinicians in the Pediatric Research in Office Settings program were trained on providing violence prevention-related community referrals. This measures the clinicians' perception of their patient's interest in the local agency referral.
Format/data source:Health Professional Survey
Measure type:StructuralDate:2006
Preventive service/ USPSTF:Other – Mental Health*
Clinical practice:Primary care – Pediatrics
Denominator:Number of respondents to practitioner post-visit survey (Q5)
Numerator:Number of respondents who selected “Interested” or “Very interested” in following up on the local agency referral (Q5d)
Development & testing: 
Past or validated application: 
Citation(s):Barkin, S., Ip, E.H., Finch, S., et al. Clinician practice patterns: linking to community resources for childhood aggression. Clinical Pediatrics (2006) 45:750‑756.
Notes:Please be aware that this measure is using only a selected section of an entire survey instrument. Therefore, this individual measure may need to undergo further reliability and validation testing to ensure that it can be applied in a clinical-community relationship setting.

* This is a measure that was originally applied in a mental health setting, but it could be adapted for a primary care setting.

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