Appendix A

A Companion Guide to the National On the CUSP: Stop BSI Project Final Report

Exclusion Criteria

To be included, publications had to be full articles, (abstracts were excluded) and CLABSIs had to occur in adult ICU or non-ICU settings. The following exclusion criteria were applied when considering articles to be included in the systematic review of CLABSI cost:

  • Articles not pertaining to calculating attributable CLABSI cost estimates were excluded.
  • Articles combining CLABSI cost estimates with other hospital-acquired infections were excluded.
  • Articles in which hospitals were not within the United States were excluded.
  • Cost estimates not in U.S. dollars were excluded.
  • Articles pertaining to bloodstream infections that were not hospital-acquired were excluded.
  • Articles related to dialysis-acquired CLABSI were excluded.
  • Articles where CLABSI was assessed in persons younger than 18 years of age (i.e., pediatrics) were excluded.
  • Simulated cost models were excluded.
  • Articles published in a language other than English were excluded.
  • Articles related to non-human subjects were excluded.
  • Review and systematic review articles were excluded; however, articles were pulled and citations cross-checked.
  • Articles published before 2002 were excluded.
  • Articles not peer reviewed were excluded.
  • Letters, case reports (n=1), historical articles, editorials, and commentaries were excluded.
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