Peer Reviewers for Volume 1

Volume 1. Research Findings

Advances in Patient Safety: From Research to Implementation

The editors wish to thank the following individuals for acting as peer reviewers for manuscripts submitted for publication in Volume 1 of Advances in Patient Safety: From Research to Implementation:

David Baker
Les Becker
Mark Callahan
Christine Crofton
Denise Dougherty
Timothy Dresselhaus
Stanley Edinger
Sheri Eisert
Bradley Evanoff
Mike FitzMaurice
Andrea Hassol
Kerm Henriksen
Lee Hilborne
Robert Kane
Bentzi Karsh
Margaret Keyes
John Kralewski
Peter Layde
David Magid
Robert Mentzer, Jr.
Glenn Merchant
Marlene Miller
Ron Nosek
Patrick O'Connor
Wilson Pace
Mary Pittman
Richard Platt
Kimberly Rask
Douglas Roblin
Jules Rosen
Judy Sangl
Suzanne Streagle
Nicholas Warren
Robert Wears
Joel Weissman
Jay Wolfson
Chunliu Zhan

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