The Emergency Department Pharmacist as a Safety Measure in Emergency Medicine

Rollin (Terry) Fairbanks, M.D., M.S., University of Rochester, NY AHRQ Grant No. HS015818-01


This project focuses on improving medication safety by implementing an emergency department pharmacist program. A toolkit facilitates the implementation of similar programs into other hospital emergency departments. The toolkit includes:

  • A description of the formal, optimized role of the emergency department pharmacist.
  • Challenges and accompanying solutions to implementing emergency department pharmacist programs.
  • Evidence to support the efficacy of such a program.

Target Audience

Emergency department physicians, nurses, pharmacists, quality and safety professionals, hospital leaders.

Health Care Setting

Emergency departments.

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Press Releases

AHRQ Awards More Than $8 Million To Further Implementation of Evidence-Based Patient Safety Findings 
June 8, 2005


Using Clinical Pharmacists in Emergency Departments

Presentation Slides

Researching the Use of Emergency Pharmacists in the ED 
Date: September 8, 2008
Venue: AHRQ 2008 Annual Conference

Journal Articles

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Impact Case Studies

Mercy Hospital and Unity Hospital and Allina Hospitals and Clinics — Posted September 2009

American Society of Health-System Pharmacists — Posted June 2008

Current as of October 2004
Internet Citation: The Emergency Department Pharmacist as a Safety Measure in Emergency Medicine. October 2004. Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality, Rockville, MD.