Improving Medication Safety in Clinics for Patients 55 and Older

Kathryn Leonhardt, M.D., Aurora Health Care, Milwaukee, WI AHRQ Grant No. HS015915-01


This project improves the safety of care and care processes in outpatient settings through a partnership model involving patients, health care providers, and the community. The project implements a patient safety partnership council that includes both providers and patients and uses focus groups, interviews, and other tools to facilitate patient-centered care, including medication safety for elderly patients. The toolkit includes:

  • A how-to guide for developing and implementing a patient safety advisory council.
  • A how-to guide for improving medication list accuracy in the clinic setting.

Target Audience

Physicians, nurses, quality and safety professionals, patients.

Health Care Setting

Hospital care units, pharmacies, outpatient facilities.

Toolkit Web Site

AHRQ Product

Developing a Community-Based Patient Safety Advisory Council: Toolkit and Resource Description

Press Releases

AHRQ Awards More Than $8 Million To Further Implementation of Evidence-Based Patient Safety Findings
June 8, 2005


How to Develop Your Own Community-Based Patient Advisory Council

Presentation Slides

Partners in Safety: Creating an Accurate Medication List through a Patient-Centered Approach
Date: September 2007
Venue: 2007 AHRQ Annual Meeting

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Internet Citation: Improving Medication Safety in Clinics for Patients 55 and Older . October 2004. Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality, Rockville, MD.