Patient Multidisciplinary Training for Medication Reconciliation

Partnerships in Implementing Patient Safety (PIPS)

Melinda J. Muller, M.D., Legacy Health System, Portland, OR AHRQ Grant No. HS015904-01


This project implements a single, shared, updated and reconciled medication and allergy list for patients across the continuum of inpatient and outpatient care. A central component of this intervention is the development of objective criteria for use in the hospital inpatient, primary care, or home health outpatient settings to trigger pharmacist review and involvement in taking the patient's medication history. The toolkit includes:

  • Clinician training tools in medication reconciliation.
  • Medication and allergy lists for reconciliation.
  • Criteria for pharmacist consultation and review of medication history.
  • Patient education tools.
  • Resources geared toward successful implementation, such as institutional review board forms and scripts for patient and staff focus groups.

Target Audience

Physicians, nurses, pharmacists, quality and safety professionals, patients, caregivers.

Health Care Setting

Hospitals, pharmacies, outpatient facilities.

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AHRQ Awards More Than $8 Million To Further Implementation of Evidence-Based Patient Safety Findings
June 8, 2005

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Current as of October 2004
Internet Citation: Patient Multidisciplinary Training for Medication Reconciliation: Partnerships in Implementing Patient Safety (PIPS). October 2004. Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality, Rockville, MD.