Tables 2-1 to 2.5

2011 User Comparative Database Report

Table 2-1a. Overall Statistics for the 2011 Database Participating Hospitals 

Overall StatisticRetained From the 2010 DatabaseSubmitted for the 2011 DatabaseTotal 2011 Database
Number of hospitals4665661,032
Number of individual survey respondents157,715314,682472,397

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Table 2-1b. Statistics for Nontrending and Trending Hospitals in 2011 Database 

Overall StatisticNontrending
(Submitted Once)
(Submitted More Than Once)
Total 2011 Database
Number of hospitals5205121,032
Number of individual survey respondents221,691250,706472,397

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Table 2-2. Summary Statistics for 2011 Database Participating Hospitals 

Summary StatisticAverageMinimumMaximum
Number of completed surveys per hospital458105,045
Number of surveys administered per hospital1,1181612,000
Hospital response rate52%3%100%

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Table 2-3. Survey Administration Statistics

Survey Administration Mode2011 Database Hospitals2011 Database Respondents
Paper only 25224%55,16412%
Web only58056%314,16967%
Both paper and Web20019%103,06422%

Note: Percentages do not add to 100 due to rounding.

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Table 2-4. Average Hospital Response Rate by Mode 

Survey Administration ModeAverage Hospital Response Rate
Paper only62%
Web only49%
Both Web and paper51%

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Table 2-5. Types of Staff or Work Areas/Units Surveyed

Types of Staff or Work Areas/Units Surveyed2011 Database
2011 Database
All staff, or a sample of all staff, from all work areas/units80278%401,51785%
Selected staff only12312%34,1007%
Selected work areas/units only464%10,9542%
Selected staff and selected work areas/units616%25,8265%

Note: Percentages may not add to 100 due to rounding.

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