Table B-1. Composite-Level Average Percent Positive Response by Work Area/Unit

2011 User Comparative Database Report

Patient Safety Culture CompositesWork Area/Unit
Anesthes- iologyEmer- gencyICU (any type)LabMedi- cineObstet- ricsPediat- ricsPhar- macyPsych/ Mental HlthRadi- ologyRehabi- litationSurgery
141 Hosp758 Hosp654 Hosp739 Hosp791 Hosp567 Hosp318 Hosp630 Hosp349 Hosp758 Hosp670 Hosp816 Hosp
2,592 Respon- dents23,419 Respon- dents30,407 Respon- dents20,761 Respon- dents48,835 Respon- dents19,486 Respon- dents14,862 Respon- dents12,651 Respon- dents12,097 Respon- dents12,097 Respon- dents16,044 Respon- dents42,143 Respon- dents
1. Teamwork Within Units81%78%84%76%76%81%82%75%78%79%86%77%
2. Supervisor/Manager Expectations & Actions Promoting Patient Safety76%70%73%74%73%72%75%75%74%75%81%73%
3. Management Support for Patient Safety67%63%64%74%67%69%71%70%69%74%78%70%
4. Organizational Learning—Continuous Improvement74%66%72%71%72%72%74%75%71%71%75%74%
5. Overall Perceptions of Patient Safety67%55%61%70%58%64%67%64%61%74%76%66%
6. Feedback & Communication About Error67%56%60%63%60%62%63%66%65%64%71%63%
7. Frequency of Events Reported56%57%59%69%61%62%63%58%65%59%64%65%
8. Communication Openness69%58%62%60%57%62%64%64%60%62%71%62%
9. Teamwork Across Units50%48%56%54%57%57%58%53%54%56%61%54%
10. Staffing57%49%59%55%52%61%62%55%55%64%63%56%
11. Handoffs & Transitions37%48%51%37%45%55%51%30%43%42%41%42%
12. Nonpunitive Response to Error44%36%40%39%40%41%44%52%46%43%58%44%
Average Across Composites62%57%62%62%60%63%65%61%62%64%69%62%

Note: Hosp = Hospitals.

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