Practice Reflections and Perceptions of MOSOPS-Process, Value, and Potential Use

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A conference call conducted on April 29, 2011, provided users with an overview of the development and use of the Medical Office Survey on Patient Safety Culture (MOSOPS). This is one of the sets of speaker slides from the call.

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  1. Practice Reflections & Perceptions of MOSOPS—Process, Value, and Potential Use
  2. Creation of the Consortium of Practice-Based Research Networks
  3. Consortium of 11 PBRNs
  4. 300 Primary Care Offices
  5. Medical Office Sampling
  6. How did you (PBRN) distribute and collect SOPS in your medical offices?
  7. What worked best or didn't work for distribution and collection of surveys in your medical offices? (PBRN)
  8. Survey of Practice Point of Contacts (in the medical offices)
  9. Enthusiasm Level Bar Chart
  10. Enthusiasm Level: Positive Comments
  11. Enthusiasm Level: Negative Comments
  12. Did you feel that the survey items addressed all areas of patient safety? (point of contact)
  13. Results/Reports to Practices
  14. Practice plan for sharing results (point of contact)
  15. Overall, has your office benefited from participating in the survey? (point of contact)
  16. What feedback have you heard from the medical offices in response to their individual SOPS reports? (PBRN)
  17. Please provide any ideas or suggestions you have for using the reports/results in the medical office. (PBRN)
  18. Any other comments? We value your contribution to SOPS and invite you to share any other comments here.
Current as of May 2011
Internet Citation: Practice Reflections and Perceptions of MOSOPS-Process, Value, and Potential Use: Slide Presentation. May 2011. Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality, Rockville, MD.