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Appendix B. Medical Office Background Characteristics

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To Be Completed by Office Point-of-Contact for Each Medical Office Submitting Data to the Medical Office Survey on Patient Safety Comparative Database

Instructions: Please provide the following information, which will be used to analyze data collected with the Medical Office Survey on Patient Safety. If you need assistance in answering any of the questions, please email

Name of Office Point-of-Contact: (First) (Last)
Job Title:  
Name of Office:  
Office Mailing Address: (Street)
(City) (State) (Zip code)
POC (Phone) (Fax) (Email)

1a. Does your medical practice have:

1 One location?   (SKIP TO QUESTION 2)

2 Multiple locations?   Total number of locations:

1b. Is this office location the:

1 Primary/headquarters location?

2 Satellite location ( not the primary/headquarters location)?

2. Which best describes the majority ownership of this medical office/practice?

1 Provider(s) and/or Physician(s)

2 Managed Care or Health Maintenance Organization (MCO/HMO)

3 University or Medical School or Academic Medical Institution

4 Hospital or health system

5 Federal, state, or local government, community board, etc.

6 Other, please specify:

Please record the total number of providers and staff from your medical office asked to complete the survey in each of the following staff categories.

Staff Position Number of Individuals
a. Physician (MD/DO)  
b. Physician Assistant  
c. Nurse Practitioner/Clinical Nurse Specialist/Nurse Midwife/ Advanced Practice Nurse, etc.  
d. Practice Manager/Office Manager/Office Administrator/ Business Manager/Nurse Manager, Lab Manager, Other Manager  
e. Administrative or Clerical

Insurance Processor

Medical Records

Billing Staff


Referral Staff

Scheduler (appt., surgery, etc.)

Front Desk

Other administrative or clerical staff

f. Registered Nurse/LVN/LPN  
g. Medical Assistant/Nursing Aide  
h. Other Clinical Staff

Technician (all types), Therapist (all types), Other clinical staff

i. Other Positions  
TOTAL NUMBER OF INDIVIDUALS ASKED TO COMPLETE THE SURVEY (This is your response rate denominator)  

4a. Which of the following best describes the type of practice at this office location?

1 Single specialty

2 Multispecialty with primary care only (family medicine, internal medicine, pediatrics, OB/GYN, general practice)

3 Multispecialty with primary and specialty care

4 Multispecialty with specialty care only

4b. In the table below, record the number of providers who work in your office in each specialty listed below. By providers, we mean physicians (MDs and DOs), physician assistants (PAs), and nurse practitioners (NPs) who diagnose, treat patients, and prescribe medications. If a provider is certified in more than one specialty, record only the specialty for which the provider spends most of his/her time. See example:

Example: An office with 3 Family Practice providers and 1 doctor certified in both Gastroenterology (works in this area 70% of time) and General Practice (works in this area 30% of time):

Number of Providers Specialty
3 Family Practice / Family Medicine
  Forensic Pathology
1 Gastroenterology
  General Practice

Record the number of providers in each specialty in your medical office. Any specialties not represented in your medical office can be left blank.

Number of Providers Specialty
  1. Allergy/Immunology
  2. Anesthesiology
  3. Cardiology
  4. Child & Adolescent Psychiatry
  5. Dermatology
  6. Diagnostic Radiology
  7. Emergency Medicine
  8. Endocrinology/Metabolism
  9. Family Practice/Family Medicine
  10. Forensic Pathology
  11. Gastroenterology
  12. General Practice
  13. General Preventive Medicine
  14. General Surgery
  15. Geriatrics
  16. Hematology/Oncology
  17. Internal Medicine
  18. Medical Genetics
  19. Nephrology
  20. Neurology
  21. Nuclear Medicine
  22. OB/GYN or GYN
  23. Ophthalmology
  24. Orthopedics
  25. Otolaryngology
  26. Pathology – Anatomic/Clinical
  27. Pediatrics
  28. Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation
  29. Psychiatry
  30. Public Health & Rehabilitation
  31. Pulmonary Medicine
  32. Radiology
  33. Rheumatology
  34. Surgery (All)
  35. Urology
  36. Vascular Medicine
  37. Other specialties

5. To what extent has this medical office implemented the following electronic (computer-based) tools? (By implemented, we mean the office has the tool capability and is using it.) 

Tool Not implemented & no plans to implement in the next 12 months Not implemented but implementation planned in the next 12 months Implementation in process (only partial implementation) Fully implemented
a) Electronic appointment scheduling 1 2 3 4
b) Electronic ordering of medications (with pharmacies capable of processing electronic orders) 1 2 3 4
c) Electronic ordering of tests, imaging, or procedures (with test/imaging centers capable of processing electronic orders) 1 2 3 4
d) Electronic access to your patients' test or imaging results 1 2 3 4
e) Electronic medical/health records (EMR/EHR) 1 2 3 4

6. What is the total number of patient visits in a typical week in this medical office location? _________total patient visits in a typical week

7. What is the total number of providers (MDs, DOs, PAs, NPs, etc.) working in this medical office location during a typical week?  

_________total number of providers working during a typical week

8. When did your medical office finish its administration of the Medical Office Survey on Patient Safety?

_________month  _________year

9.  What was the mode used to administer the survey?

1  Paper only

2  Web only

3  Mixed mode (paper and web)

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