Tables 2-1 to 2-3

2011 User Comparative Database

Table 2-1. Overall Statistics for Participating Nursing Homes

Overall Response Rate InformationStatistic
Number of respondents16,155
Number of surveys administered24,995
      Overall response rate65%
Average Response Rate Information Statistic
Average number of respondents per nursing home (range: 10 to 1,187)71
Average number of surveys administered per nursing home (range: 12 to 1,440)111
      Overall average nursing home response rate (range: 8% to 100%)67%

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Table 2-2. Survey Administration Statistics

Survey Administration Mode Database Nursing HomesDatabase Respondents
Paper only18783%11,51971%
Web only2612%1,5099%
Both paper and Web136%3,12719%

Note: Percentages may not add to 100 due to rounding.

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Table 2-3. Average Nursing Home Response Rate by Mode

Survey Administration ModeAverage Nursing Home Response Rate
Paper only70%
Web only49%
Both Web and paper56%

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