Table 1-1. Patient Safety Culture Composites and Definitions

2011 User Comparative Database Report

Patient Safety Culture CompositeDefinition: The extent to which...
1. Communication opennessStaff speak up about problems and their ideas and suggestions are valued
2. Compliance with proceduresStaff follow standard procedures to care for residents and do not use shortcuts to get their work done faster
3. Feedback and communication about incidentsStaff discuss ways to keep residents safe, tell someone if they see something that might harm a resident, and talk about ways to keep incidents from happening again
4. HandoffsStaff are told what they need to know before taking care of a resident or when a resident's care plan changes, and have all the information they need when residents are transferred from the hospital
5. Management support for resident safetyNursing home management provides a work climate that promotes resident safety and shows that resident safety is a top priority
6. Nonpunitive response to mistakesStaff are not blamed when a resident is harmed, are treated fairly when they make mistakes, and feel safe reporting their mistakes
7. Organizational learningThere is a learning culture that facilitates making changes to improve resident safety and evaluates changes for effectiveness
8. Overall perceptions of resident safetyResidents are well cared for and safe
9. StaffingThere are enough staff to handle the workload, meet residents' needs during shift changes, and keep residents safe because there is not much staff turnover
10. Supervisor expectations and actions promoting safetySupervisors listen to staff ideas and suggestions about resident safety, praise staff who follow the right procedures, and pay attention to safety problems
11. TeamworkStaff treat each other with respect, support one another, and feel like they are part of a team
12. Training and skillsStaff get the training they need, have enough training on how to handle difficult residents, and understand the training they get in the nursing home

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