Survey User's Guide

Nursing Home Survey on Patient Safety Culture

The user guide provides a general overview of the issues and major decisions involved in conducting a survey and reporting the results. Part One of the guide presents information about data collection and how to organize and plan your survey project, and Part Two includes the nursing home survey form, an overview of the survey items, and a sample page from the Microsoft PowerPoint® Survey Feedback Template. The appendixes provide guidelines for designing and selecting a sample of staff in nursing homes, guidelines for administering a Web-based survey, and a sample data collection protocol for nursing homes to use during survey administration.

Contract No. 233-02-0087. Prepared by Westat, Rockville, MD.

Principal Investigators: Joann Sorra, Ph.D., Martha Franklin, M.A., Suzanne Streagle, M.A. 


Part One: Survey User's Guide

Chapter 1. Introduction

   Development of the Nursing Home Survey on Patient Safety Culture

   Defining a "Nursing Home"

   Identifying Who Should Complete the Survey

   Safety Culture Dimensions Measured in the Survey

   Modifying or Customizing the Survey

   Contents of This Survey User's Guide

Chapter 2. Getting Started

   Determine Available Resources, Project Scope, and Schedule

   Plan Your Project

   Decide Whether to Use an Outside Vendor

   Form a Project Team

Chapter 3. Determining Your Data Collection Methods

   Decide How Surveys Will Be Distributed and Returned

   Establish a Point of Contact

Chapter 4. Establishing Data Collection Procedures

   Publicize and Promote the Survey

   Follow Standard Survey Administration Steps

   Decide Whether To Use Survey Identifiers

   Develop and Assemble Survey Materials

   Track Responses and Calculate Preliminary Response Rates

   Close Out Data Collection

Chapter 5. Preparing and Analyzing Data and Producing Reports

   Identify Incomplete Surveys

   Calculate Your Final Response Rate

   Edit, Code, and Enter the Data

   Check and Electronically Clean the Data

   Analyze the Data and Produce Reports of the Results

   Submit Your Data to the Nursing Home Comparative Database

   Technical Assistance


Part Two: Survey Materials

Nursing Home Survey on Patient Safety Culture

Nursing Home Survey on Patient Safety Culture: Dimensions


Appendix A. Selecting a Sample of Staff

Appendix B. Conducting a Web-Based Survey

Appendix C. Sample Data Collection Protocol for the Nursing Home Point of Contact: Paper Survey

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