Slide 9. Facility Strengths

A national technical assistance conference call conducted on March 31, 2010, provides users with an overview of the development of the survey. In addition, two professionals share their success and challenges in survey administration from both a regional perspective and an individual nursing home, and discuss how to maximize survey response and use survey results to develop action plans to target safety culture improvement initiatives. This is one of the sets of speaker slides from the call.

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  • Overall Perceptions of Resident Safety:
    • 91 % responded—Residents are well cared for in this home.
    • 89 % responded—This nursing home does a good job keeping residents safe.
    • 93 % responded—This nursing home is a safe place for residents.
  • Feedback & Communication About Incidents:
    • 92 % responded—In this nursing home, we discuss ways to keep residents safe from harm.
    • 91 % responded—In this nursing home, we talk about ways to keep incidents from happening again.

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Current as of October 2010
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