Community Pharmacy Survey Toolkit

This toolkit consists of surveys, forms, and a userguide.

Community Pharmacy Survey | |
This survey asks for your opinions about patient safety in this pharmacy and takes about 15 minutes to complete. Answer only about the pharmacy location/store where you received this survey.

Community Pharmacy Survey Composites and Items |
In this document, the items in the Community Pharmacy Survey on Patient Safety Culture are grouped according to the safety culture composites they are intended to measure. The item’s survey location is shown to the left of each item. Negatively worded items are indicated. Reliability statistics (Cronbach's alpha) based on the pilot test data from 60 pharmacies and 496 staff are provided for the composites.

Community Pharmacy Survey on Patient Safety: User's Guide |
The User's Guide provides a general overview of the issues and major decisions involved in conducting a survey and reporting the results. The User's Guide includes information on getting started, determining data collection methods, establishing data collection procedures, conducting the survey, and preparing and analyzing data, and producing reports.

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