Slide 16. Case 1: Male, 57 y/o, smoker, sexually active

Presentation describes the methods used by the US Preventive Services Task Force to develop recommendations.

Case 1: Male, 57 y/o, smoker, sexually active

Screen shot of the ePSS web page using a 57-year-old male who is a smoker and sexually active as an example.


Have audience chose the case from the ePSS screen shots or from the written slides. A number of cases are included for the speaker to choose from.

Have students enter the information for 3 of these "patients" and view the results. You may also want to to go to the tools tab to see the patient instructions, questionnaires and other information. It may be useful and students may be more likely to access the data while in a clinic after using it in this setting. It would be beneficial to access the program online and demonstrate on the first 1 or 2 "cases" and website in general then have them input 2 or 3 "patients". Have them complete an evaluation for the presentation and tell them that you will contact them in a couple of months to see if they have used it and their for preceptors impressions of ePSS.

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