AHRQ Quality Indicators™ Toolkit for Hospitals: Interview Series (Audio/Video item)

This series of interviews will orient users to the AHRQ Quality Improvement Toolkit for Hospitals. The topics provide an overview of the toolkit and information on how to use the tools and engage stakeholders and staff in quality improvement efforts.

1. Getting Started with the Toolkit (MP3 audio file; 11 min., 26 sec.) Transcript
Speaker: Donna Farley, PhD, RAND Health
Interviewer: Lise Rybowski

2. Analyzing Your IQI and PSI Rates (MP3 audio file; 16 min., 40 sec.) Transcript
Speaker: Amelia Haviland, PhD, Carnegie Mellon University and RAND Health
Interviewer: Donna Farley

3. Using the Documentation and Coding Tool (MP3 audio file; 9 min., 24 sec.) Transcript
Speakers: Kathy Vermoch, Project Manager, University Healthsystem Consortium (UHC); Suzanne Rogers, Senior Specialist, Health Information Management, UHC
Interviewer: Lise Rybowski

4. Identifying Your Improvement Priorities (MP3 audio file; 11 min., 55 sec.) Transcript
Speaker: Julie Cerese, Vice President, Performance Improvement, UHC
Interviewer: Donna Farley

5. Analyzing Your Barriers and Strategy Options (MP3 audio file; 11 min., 38 sec.) Transcript
Speaker: Maureen Disbot, Vice President of Quality, Methodist Hospital, Houston
Interviewer: Lise Rybowski

6. Implementing Changes To Improve Performance on the IQI or PSI Measures (MP3 audio file; 12 min., 29 sec.) Transcript
Speaker: Joseph Jensen, MD, Associate Chief Medical Officer for Quality and Safety,
University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences (UAMS) Medical Center
Interviewer: Lise Rybowski

7. Achieving Sustainable Improvements (MP3 audio file; 11 min., 13 sec.) Transcript
Speaker: Martha Radford, MD, Chief Quality Officer, New York University (NYU Medical Center
Interviewer: Lise Rybowski

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