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Project RED: Module 1: Preparing to Redesign Your Discharge Program

Principles of the Re-Engineered Hospital Discharge (continued)

  1. Comprehensive written discharge plan provided to patient prior to discharge.
  2. Discharge information in patient's language and literacy level.
  3. Reinforcement of plan with patient after discharge.
  4. Availability of case management staff outside of limited daytime hours.
  5. Continuous quality improvement of discharge processes.


The Patient Care Plan is a complete self-care plan that is given to the patient before he or she leaves in the language spoken by the patient and in terms the patient understands. Case management support is available beyond the usual Monday through Friday workweek to assist with a well-planned discharge. The plan is reinforced with the patient via a phone call within a few days after discharge. And ultimately, the discharge process will be continuously improved and monitored for quality outcomes.

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