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Project RED: Module 1: Preparing to Redesign Your Discharge Program

Provides a four-module training program to help hospitals implement Project RED.

Project Champion

  • Communicates the vision.
  • Selects project and scope.
  • Selects candidates for training.
  • Reviews projects weekly.
  • Removes barriers and supplies resources.


Because PI projects align strategically with the hospital's mission and vision, it will be critical to have an assigned hospital leader serve as project champion for the PI team. There will be times when the project champion will be asked to seek additional resources for the team, remove unexpected barriers to the project, or lead the celebration of team success. Project champions within Project RED, for instance, may be asked to assist with identifying the physician referral base so the team can design an efficient patient discharge follow-up process that meets the needs of referring physicians. It may also be important for the project champion to gauge the satisfaction of referral physicians so the team can establish a hospital-wide process for streamlining information flow to PCPs.

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