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Project RED: Module 1: Preparing to Redesign Your Discharge Program

Provides a four-module training program to help hospitals implement Project RED.

The Project Team

  • Leader.
  • Physician champion.
  • Discharge advocate.
  • Patient's physician.
  • Pharmacist.


The project itself should be a manageable size and one that can be done by the team in a period of months. The project team must establish measures so that failures in the process can be analyzed. Using a systematic performance improvement methodology will guide the team through a series of PI steps that will enable focused solutions that target the root cause(s). Many types of projects are used to improve performance. For example, the "Just Do It" project is designed to implement an obvious solution immediately. As mentioned previously, while Project RED may be considered a "just do it" solution, if it's placed on a broken system, the project will fail. The intention of this training is to assist teams in developing and redesigning the discharge process through standardization, "leaning" out the broken process (e.g., eliminating waste, including rework, redundancy, and defects), and ultimately initiating improvement.

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