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Project RED: Module 1: Preparing to Redesign Your Discharge Program

Provides a four-module training program to help hospitals implement Project RED.

Project Physician Champion

  • Communicates with senior leaders.
  • Communicates with medical staff.
  • Provides physician perspective to the project team.
  • Assists in the elimination of system barriers.
  • Believes in the Project RED intervention and value of improving discharge program.


In the past, there has been a tendency in many hospitals to allocate discharge planning to the nursing staff and case managers. However, this practice does not address the fact that discharge teaching and planning also involves the medical staff, other therapists, and pharmacy. Thus, medical staff support and involvement is very important when you re-engineer your discharge process. Securing a physician champion for the project will help engage other physicians and consider the role of the medical staff. Desirable characteristics of a physician champions include:

  • Understands the hospital PI structure.
  • Is well respected by the medical staff as a clinician.
  • Has a sound understanding of PI.
  • Is supportive of the team.
  • Believes in Project RED principles and the need to improve the discharge process.
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