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Project RED: Module 1: Preparing to Redesign Your Discharge Program

Course Overview Modules 1- 4

  • Module 1 - Getting started.
  • Module 2 - Patient admission care and treatment.
  • Module 3 - Patient discharge and follow-up care.
  • Module 4 - Preparing to launch.


So, now having reviewed how the term "discharge" is used, let's review what the four-modules will cover. In Module 1, we'll review how to develop a successful PI project and give an overview of Project RED's components.

Module 2 will provide more detail about Project RED, concentrating on activities that begin with patient admission and continue through the patient's stay up until the point the discharge order is written. Module 3 addresses the Project RED activities that kick in when the discharge order is written and continue through the post-discharge followup. Finally, Module 4 provides final tips before you actually implement Project RED.

To define next steps for your team, we recommend that you schedule dates and times for completing each of the four modules. The method for completing the modules is not important, but what will be important is that each hospital team takes the time to go through each module and then complete the homework before progressing to the next module. After you finish all of the training modules, several of your PI stages will be completed.

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