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Project RED: Module 2: The Re-Designed Discharge Process: Patient Admi

Provides a four-module training program to help hospitals implement Project RED.

Process Metrics

  • Percent of follow-up calls requiring second call by pharmacist (if non-pharmacist makes first call)
  • Percent of patients completing post-discharge survey (30 days after discharge)


These two process metrics are related to the post-discharge follow-up activities of the Project RED intervention. For the first metric, ensure you add a section on the document that you use to track the post-discharge calls to the patient to indicate whether or not a follow-up call by a pharmacist was necessary to clarify medication issues. There may be other types of follow-up calls (to the physician, social work, etc.) that you want to track as well.

The second metric is probably best captured by the person who makes the follow-up call to the patient regarding his or her discharge experience. The date of the call can be added to the spreadsheet to calculate the percentage of calls made within 30 days of discharge. These metrics might be best captured by the quality department.

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