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Project RED: Module 2: The Re-Designed Discharge Process: Patient Admi

Provides a four-module training program to help hospitals implement Project RED.

Accessing the Patient Care Plan Template

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  • IT department involvement
    • Build interfaces?
  • Written instructions for how to access the care plan template
  • Written description of care template sections, including what is entered manually and what is linked to other hospital systems
  • Written instructions for how and where to save the Patient Care Plan


Consider these questions about the development of the care plan, where the template will be stored, and how the DA will access it. Your organization will also need to determine how and where the DA will save the file as the patient�s unique care plan. For example, perhaps you will decide that the patient�s last name, birth date, and admission date will somehow be included in the file name. The Patient Care Plan will need to be saved in a manner and location where the DA can easily access it every day during the patient�s stay.

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