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Project RED: Module 4: Re-Engineering Patient Discharge: The Hospital

Provides a four-module training program to help hospitals implement Project RED.

Sample "Ideal State" Project RED Flow Map

Image: Process map that outlines patient discharge process in the ideal state, identifying information and communication flow.


This slide shows an ideal state map that begins with the physician's order to admit the patient and ends with the patient receiving the follow-up phone call at home. While this map is similar to the previous one, it actually shows team members who they need to send information to, how they will meet during discharge planning rounds, and how they will teach the patient from the Patient Care Plan. Collaborative activities were created across all of the swim lanes. The DA serves as the primary advocate for the patient's discharge and initiates, coordinates, teaches, and completes the Patient Care Plan.

This map is offered as an example; however, your team likely will have additional staff members present within your process map. While the map should be simple, it should include all staff members who have primary roles within the process.

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