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Project RED: Module 4: Re-Engineering Patient Discharge: The Hospital

Provides a four-module training program to help hospitals implement Project RED.

Project Presentation to Senior Leaders

  • Create the presentation as you move through the PI project phases.
  • Follow systematic PI methodology.
  • Consider having team members present specific content.
  • Link your presentation with an opportunity to recognize the team.


At the end of the project, the team will make a presentation to staff and senior leaders on the re-engineered discharge process. Creating the final presentation while the team is moving through the PI phases (PDCA or DMAIC) can be helpful. The following outline can serve as a guide.

1. Plan (Define)

2. Do (Measure/Analyze)

  • Project metrics.
  • Data collection plan.
  • Cause and Effect Diagram.
  • Lean waste and potential failure modes.
  • Baseline data collection.
  • Process for communicating discharge summary to primary care physician.
  • Process for coordinating follow-up appointments and test results.
  • Process for coordinating the post-discharge phone call.
  • Plans for training and communicating the project to all staff and stakeholders.

3. Check (Improve)

  • Brainstorming and prioritizing solutions specific to failure modes or root causes.
  • Project deployment plan (3Ws — Who will do What by When).
  • Eleven components of Project RED.
  • Post-implementation survey results (physicians, patients, and staff).
  • Pattern and trend analysis with redefinition of solutions, as needed.

Act (Control)

  • Pre-and post-project data monitoring.
  • Monitoring plan for sustainability.
  • Results to the PI steering committee.
  • Knowledge transfer to hospital staff and community.
  • Celebration.
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