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Project RED: Module 4: Re-Engineering Patient Discharge: The Hospital

Provides a four-module training program to help hospitals implement Project RED.

Accomplishments to Date (Module 3)

  • Processes to finalize Patient Care Plan after discharge order is written in place.
  • Teach-back methods outlined.
  • Quality and performance improvement (PI) staff understand project measurement requirements and are prepared to gather data.
  • Process for transmitting discharge summary and Patient Care Plan to primary care physician finalized.
  • Plans for teaching frontline staff finalized.


After completing Module 3, you finalized the processes for completing the Patient Care Plan after the discharge order is written. You considered teach-back methods to assess your patient's understanding of information taught at discharge. You selected project metrics and determined how you would gather and analyze data. You established a process for reaching the primary care physician after the patient leaves the hospital. Lastly, you finalized your plan for orienting frontline staff who will be involved in Project RED activities.

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